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SkinCuisine Manuka Restorative Moisturizer

SkinCuisine Manuka Restorative Moisturizer

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Manuka Restorative Moisturizer 

Hand curated face moisturizer designed for reparative and restorative purposes.                 Key Ingredients:

Manuka Honey and Oil that balances the skin's pH level. It's anti inflammatory and antibacterial which decreases inflammation caused by acne, which improves the skin's appearance.

Hemp Seed Oil that has great skin softening and moisturizing properties. A great treatment for eczema and reduces inflammation. It's well tolerated by all skin types since it can balance the skin's oil production.

Safflower Oil which has a silky feel on the skin and is highly moisturizing. It's high linoleic acid content help break up impurities in the skin. It absorbs easily and doesn't leave a greasy residue. 

aloe leaf
manuka honey
hemp seed oil
safflower oil
shea butter
manuka oil

plant based • natural • organic