Osun Black Soap Hydrating Coconut Milk Facial Wash

Osun Black Soap Hydrating Coconut Milk Facial Wash

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Designed for all skin types to provide glowing, rejuvenated skin.

Made with Camwood that is loaded with NATURAL skin smoothing properties and provides excellent skin care enhancing qualities. It is packed with anti-aging, detoxifying and wrinkle reducing properties.

Osun restores damaged skin and is helpful in healing chronic eczema, acne, freckles and dark spots.

It is also used to relieve skin discoloration, pimples, rashes. sun burn and premature aging.

Coconut milk is packed with fatty acids, vitamins, and other beneficial properties, which help to maintain the elasticity and flexibility of the skin while improving its appearance and health. The fats in coconut milk do not clog pores, thereby preventing acne.

Ingredients: distilled water, black soap (pure honey, shea butter, osun(camwood), palmkernel oil, cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, aloe vera, lime juice, lemon juice, water), decyl glucoside(naturally derived from sugar based renewable resources), sci, guar gum, glycerin, coconut milk, lavender oil, frankincense oil, citric acid 

plant based • vegan • natural • biodegradable • sulfate free