MoisTexture Moisturizing Botanical Shampoo

MoisTexture Moisturizing Botanical Shampoo

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Moisturizing Botanical Shampoo has a rich, moisturizing lather and rinses clean to promote healthy natural hair.

MoisTexture Moisturizing Botanical Shampoo is enriched with a special blend of herbs and extracts to naturally cleanse by removing impurities, relax the hair strands and make for a healtier scalp that promotes hair growth.


distilled water. coco glucoside (derived from coconut). decyl glucoside (derived from fruit sugars). saponified oils of (coconut. olive. sunflower seed. castor seed.rice bran). sodium cocoyl isethionate (derived from coconut oil). shea butter. silk powder. coconut milk. calendula. neem leaf. marshmallow root. slippery elm bark. licorice root. nettle leaf. rosemary leaf. horsetail. burdock root. aloe leaf. panthenol. chamomile extract. green tea extract. rice quat. wheat protein. bamboo extract. guar gum. glycerin. fragrance oil.