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Illumé Natural Makeup

Illumé Natural Makeup

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Illumé Natural Makeup Collections are handcurated, plant based Moisturizers and Loose Powders that offers premium priming for a NATURAL face finish.

offers a light coverage with the added benefit of a face moisturizer
also acts as the PERFECT MAKEUP PRIMER
Benefits of makeup primer
•Creates a smooth base for your makeup
•Evens out skin tone and disguises flaws
•Hydrates and nourishes skin
•Reduces oil and shine
•Helps fill in wrinkles and fine lines
•Makes pores appear smaller

Bronzer Moisturizer made with a Platinum Blend Moisturizer and a special blend of Mica

Bronzer Loose Powder made with Bentonite Clay, Cocoa Powder, Kaolin Clay, Zinc Oxide, Mica Powder 

Bronze Shimmer Moisturizer and Loose Powder for medium- dark skin tones

Gold Shimmer Moisturizer and Loose Powder for lighter skin tones