Activated Charcoal Natural Toothpaste
Activated Charcoal Natural Toothpaste

Activated Charcoal Natural Toothpaste

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Activated Charcoal Natural Toothpaste for a healthier, brighter smile

Made with these KEY beneficial ingredients:

Liquid chlorophyll a natural deodorizer that controls and freshens bad breath, cure pyorrhea and treat bleeding gums, detoxifies the body

Coconut Oil with no harmful chemicals, powerful antibacterial properties effective against cavity causing bacteria, won’t erode teeth enamel, soothes inflammation in the gums

Coconut Activated Charcoal remineralize teeth, improve bad breath, prevent cavities, removes stains on teeth

Xylitol a natural sweetener, repairs damage to the enamel, improve breathe odor, prevents cavities, inhibits plaque

Diatomaceous Earth a mild abrasive to help remove plaque and tartar from the teeth, increases cleaning power

Baking Soda a mile abrasive to remove stains and brighten the teeth

Spearmint Oil and Peppermint Oil- antiseptic and antibacterial properties, has minty, cooling and fresh taste and fragrance

plant based • vegan • natural